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I’m born of five rivers regardless where my mother gave birth to me. This is just stupid, you call yourselves fucking social justice bloggers, stop treating Punjabi’s like drunk idiots who like to dance and grow wheat. We’re fucking human beings, we have a unique culture and language just like everyone else. We’re not you’re fucking circus monkeys who will feed an entire nation and just sit by while you shit on our land. Stop treating this like some joke, I’m sorry you don’t feel like it’s big deal, but how can I blame you? As long you fuckers blend in with the majority, we should too? Why don’t you go to Punjab and see how disgusting the governments tactics are yourselves? You get butt hurt when white girls wear native American head bands, imagine how I feel when a Sikh who is blessed with no caste by the gurus is shown as an alcoholic/horny jatt on the silver screen of every single fucking Bollywood movie.

—   Jasminder Singh Sidhu (via whoismanvir)


Posted on Tuesday October 2, 2012
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